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Tokkenit is a mobile platform based on blockchain technology that can simplify communications, customer loyalty programs, incentives and payments.

Why Tokkenit?

Tokkenit loyalty programs help companies to retain existing clients, and helps drive potential clients. Using Tokkenit you can:

Consolidate multiple rewards programs for clients in one single multi-points app.
Join Tokkenit creating you own benefit program and reach new client.

Exchangeable Points

Every point earned on a program can also be used on a different program from which it was earn.

Reduce Cost

Blockchain technology is very efficient and secure reducing operative and transactional fees.

More Secure

Blockchain security protects the data of every transaction

Other Amazing Features

Cashback Circuit

Transactions between programs

Users can redeem their points on other programs different from which they were earned.

Reputation Programs

Users can vote and recommend their favorite programs.

Social media integration

Real-time information

Get valuable metrics from your customer.


All programs can be personalized to match your brand requirements.

Toki interoperable token

How to create your program?

Follow this simple steps and create a loyalty program from your smartphone.

Own programs

Select “Own programs” to star

Create your program

Select “Create new program” to continue

Your information

Complete the following steps your program’s information

Create rewards

Create a list of rewards for your program

Expand your business with Tokkenit

Tokkenit has everything you need to get started today. Download the app, create your program and start improving your customer’s experience.