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What can I do with this points?

Each benefit program has its own prize catalog. Users can join all the programs they want from all the stores on the app and earn points to redeem for prizes from any of the programs. Some store can even use this points as a payment method.

How do I earn points?

Every Tokkenit’s benefit program is administered directly by the store. They decide the amount, means and ways the points are given. Mostly they are given after every purchase, interaction in social media or during events. For more information enter the information section on your program of interest.

How can I receive points?

a) Go to “Benefit Program”, then go to “Receive” and scan the QR code.<br /> b) Non presential reception of point: send your username to the administrator by chat.

How can I send point?

a) Go to “Benefit Program”, then go to “Send”, go to “Scan QR Code” and scan the QR core of the recipient user.<br /> b) Send points to a non presential user: go to “Benefit Program”, then go to “Send”, go to “Selection list”, search for the reception user. Complete the amount of points and click “Transfer”.

What happens if I don’t have enough points to redeem for a prize?

One of Tokkenit’s biggest advantages over traditional benefit programs is that points can be transfer between users. Users can join all their points in one account and redeem any prize if they have enough.

How do I contact the store?

If you need to contact the store, check out the contact information on the benefit program under the “Information” section.

Where can I check my point of a single program?

If you need to check out your points you should enter the option “My subscriptions”, select the program and you will see your accumulated points.

Why do I need to backup my account?

The backup of the app is a security measure that guarantees that nobody else will have access to your points unless they know your 12 key words.

How do I backup my account?

After login into your account you should enter the menu on the right of the screen, select the option “Backup”, copy the 12 key words shown on the screen and select “Ready”. The App will request one of the words as a security confirmation.

How do I recover my password after reinstallation?

a) I backed up the account, I have my 12 key words<br /> In this case enter the option “Restore Account”, enter your 12 key words and click on “Recover”.<br /> b) I didn’t backed up the account, I don’t have my 12 key words<br /> For security reasons you can only access your account using the 12 key words. In this case you will need to create a new account. It is not possible to recover your previous account. We recommend after creating your new account to backup the account to avoid further inconveniences.

Do I earn points for reporting errors or suggesting improvements?

Yes! Of course 🙂 We would love to hear your suggestions or fix any inconvenience you may have. To do so you should join the Tokkenit Help program. Contact us on the chat with your suggestion or the error you see on the app.</p> <p>Remember to add a print screen of the error in order to identify it quicker. Once we receive the message points will be added to your account. This points can be exchange for prizes on the program.

Why should I install Tokkenit?

Tokkenit is an app that allow stores to create their own benefit program. From this platform users can earn points from all their favourite stores and store them on their cellphones.

How do I create my own program?

Go to “My Programs”/Create New Program</p> <p>Complete with your program’s name</p> <p>Make it stand out with a nice picture or logo</p> <p>Complete with a short description of your program. It will show on a small text under your program.</p> <p>Enter an email list of contacts, this users will receive a notification to this email if they redeem a prize.</p> <p>Complete the total amount of points you will to transfer during all the program’s duration. The maximum amount is 1 (one) million, you will no be able to modify this, we strongly suggest you complete this field.</p> <p>You can choose if you want your users to send messages to the program’s chat, otherwise they will only be able to receive messages but not respond them.

How to create the prizes of the program?

a) Go to “My Programs”</p> <p>b) Enter the benefit program and go to “Prizes”, then to “Create new prize``</p> <p>c) Make it stand out with a nice picture or logo and add the name of the prize</p> <p>d) Complete with a short description</p> <p>e) Complete the amount of points it’s worth