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Earn points and exchange them where and how you prefer.

How does Tokkenit work?

Tokkenit is a loyalty app based on Blockchain technology.
A user friendly application that allows companies to create their own loyalty programs and reward their customers with benefits and prizes. It is a flexible and customizable app accessible to everyone and without the need for membership cards or coupons. You can download Tokkenit and create your own loyalty program. Joining, creating or managing a loyalty program has never been so easy!


Create your free account and join all the programs you like and start earning points.


Every program gives points you can accumulate on your account.


You can redeem those points for benefits on any Tokkenit program, regardless of where you earnt them.


No more coupons, papers or membership cards

All your points are available on your smartphone from where you can check the balance, transfer them to other members or redeem them.


You don’t need to redeem your points in the same place you earnt them

All programs have points that can be redeemed on any program on the app, in all countries with shops that belong to Tokkenit.

This programs are created by stores and the points are given to you according to your purchases.

Transactions transparent and secure

100     %


Transfer your points

Everybody wins! You can transfer your points to other Tokkenit user as a gift. They can use it to whatever they want.

Do you want to create your own loyalty program?

Reward and win clients creating loyalty programs with Tokkenit.
Free membership
Discounts and benefits
Exchangeable points

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Join the millions of users that are winning unique benefits with Tokkenit.